Mighty Revolt Health


Mighty Revolt Health was created to empower folks to revolt against mainstream health and wellness as they work towards obtaining their fitness and nutrition goals. You won't find any unrealistic expectations, pressure, guilt, or shame here. 

My ultimate goal is to provide you with tools, solutions, and information backed by real science in order to help you succeed. 

I believe strongly in radical compassion, positivity, respecting pronouns, bodily autonomy, and dismantling the bullshit that exists in the health and wellness industry (and, beyond).

If you need help reaching your fitness and nutrition goals, improving your relationship with food, improving your health through nutrition, or even just someone to be your advocate, send me a message so we can get started.  




Hey there, I'm Brittney (she/her). I'm a writer, editor, and health and wellness content creator, on my way to becoming a certified fitness and sports nutrition specialist. 

My free time consists mostly of slamming my face into books and comics, writing until my fingers are numb, gardening the heck out of vegetables, getting hellah stoked on powerlifting, and going hard on vegan food (doughnuts, probably).