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Nutrition doesn't have to be complicated and your relationship with food doesn't have to suck. 

I'm here to kick diet culture in the ass and provide folks with nutritional information backed by science and tailored for when real life is easy and when it gets complicated. 

Since we are constantly inundated with conflicting messages about food, its easy to get overwhelmed. 

You've gotta eat but it truly doesn't have to be as overwhelming as it may seem.

If you're looking to improve your relationship with food, simplify your diet, feel better, lose weight, grain strength, eat more vegetables, or just need some accountability, I've got your back.  


There is more to life than running on a treadmill. 

Moving your body doesn't have to be boring, painful, or miserable. 

There are exercises available for all sorts of fitness levels, interests, and abilities. 

My goal is to make movement inclusive, accessible, and enjoyable for everyone.

I'm here to help folks new to exercise learn, grow, and find movements that work for them, help those who want to establish a better relationship with exercise, and anyone who wants to shake up the way they are currently moving.




Its hard to be a bad ass when your mental game isn't strong. 

Fitness and nutrition aren't effective if you aren't taking care of your mindset. 

I'm a firm believer in self-care, taking up space, mindfulness, and living with intention. 

Unfortunately, these things are pretty difficult to learn, practice, and implement into our lives because society wants us to believe they are selfish and impractical. That's a load of crap.  

I'm super into helping folks learn to focus more on themselves, set and follow through with intentions, and strengthening their mindset even when life gets tough.


Why Revolt?

I firmly believe in radical compassion, positivity, respecting pronouns, bodily autonomy, and dismantling the bullshit that exists in the fitness industry (and beyond).

I want to create an environment that empowers you to revolt against the mainstream fitness industry, encourages you to make decisions and reach goals on your own terms, and provides you with tools to be successful in the real world.

There is a better way to eat, feel, move, and live. You won't find any diet culture, unrealistic expectations, pressure, guilt, or shame here.



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